Lead List Generation

CurvedLine's lead list team uses LinkedIn and proprietary data subscriptions to hand-build lists of leads who meet your ideal customer profile.
We never buy lists, and every email address is verified before sending.

Persona Development

Understanding who you're selling to is requires more than just knowing a title. Persona development doesn't have to be a weeks-long exercise in marketing la-la land, but the better you understand your prospect's needs and pain points, the easier it will be to hook them. 


Who do you want to talk to?

Key Message Development
Value Proposal Development

The steak vs. the sizzle. Curved Line has a team of experienced marketers and copywriters who can take your features and turn them in to sizzling benefits that connect your Prospect's needs to your solutions.


What do they care about?

Lead Generation Strategy

The right mix of outbound (email, phone, ads, tradeshows) vs. inbound (content, organic search, PR) changes as companies grow. Curved Line's strategy team can help guide where you should be leaning in given where you are and where you want to be in six months.

Sales Content

For those companies where an education piece is required to move the sale along, CurvedLine offers sales content writing. This isn't the fluffy "thought leadership" stuff that the marketing department loves, it's targeted content that will attract buyers and answer the questions they're likely to ask so sales don't stall.


How do you win their attention?

Sales Playbook

A Playbook turns high falutin' strategy into day-to-day sales process. A Curved Line playbook is not a work of beauty enshrined in a PDF, it is a practical framework with specific steps for each deal stage that adapts easily as the market evolves.

Sales assets

If your marketing department is overbooked, Curved Line's content team can deliver assets like sales decks, an ROI calculator or vertical-specific variants of your existing data sheets and brochures.


How do you help them buy?

What we don't do

Curved Line focuses exclusively on sales process. 

We don't do SEO, advertising, web design, tradeshow management, product launches, PR, or social.  But we do have partners who do, and we're happy to project manage anything you need done.

The advantage here is one person to call, and because we understand your sales process, we can ensure that every other asset is working to support sales.